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Aperitifs and beers


At the National

Campari, Nazionale vermouth, soda


spiced vermouth with pepper and vanilla bean

The classic

Campari, classic Carpano, soda



Professor's Bitter, Professor's Vermouth, soda



Campari, Cocchi Vermouth, soda



Campari, Vermouth Punt&Mes, soda


Ruby red

Campari, Vermouth Martini Ruby red, soda


Professor's Vermouth

Campari, Professor's Vermouth, soda


American Carlo Alberto

Campari, Carlo Alberto vermouth, soda


Americano Cocchi Tenace

Bitter Tenace, Cocchi vermouth, soda



Campari, classic Carpano, gin


Ancient formula

Campari, Carpano ancient formula, soda


Wrong Negroni

Campari, classic Carpano, Prosecco


Chocolate Negroni

Campari, classic Carpano, cocoa cream


The Boulevardier

Campari, classic Carpano, bourbon whisky


Milan Turin

Campari, classic Carpano, orange


American Green image

American Green

p31, White Martini, soda



Spritz Aperol

Aperol, Prosecco, soda


Spritz Campari

Campari, Prosecco, soda


Spritz Hugo

Elderberry syrup, Prosecco, soda


Spritz Hugo Violetta

Violet syrup,
prosecco, soda


Pimm's image


Pimm's, ginger ale,
cucumber, fruit and citrus


Green Spritz image

Green Spritz

P31, Prosecco, lemon, elderflower foam



Flotzinger hell beer 30 cl image

Flotzinger hell beer 30 cl

Hell Style beer produced in Germany


Flotzinger hell beer 50cl image

Flotzinger hell beer 50cl

Hell Style beer produced in Germany


Gjulia west amber beer 75cl

handcrafted with top fermentation in Friuli


Distelhäuser  rossa  cl 20 image

Distelhäuser rossa cl 20


Distelhäuser  rossa 40 cl image

Distelhäuser rossa 40 cl


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